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Cheshire Pro Wash

Block Paving Cleaning

Cheshire Pro Wash Service

Cheshire Pro Wash offer a professional driveway cleaning service for Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Our services cover block paving cleaning, imprinted concrete sealing and tarmac restoration.

Most paved driveways are laid with various types of block paving that are generally very porous. If not maintained regularly, any damp weather will soon allow algae, moss and weeds to quickly grow on the surface.

We specialise in driveway cleaning across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Our powerful driveway cleaning equipment will quickly remove any dirt and surface growth that may have accumulated on block paving over time. Once the block paving is clean and dry, any kiln dried sand that may have been washed out of the joints by the cleaning process is brushed back into the joints.

We will then apply a paving sealer to the driveway using Smartseal high quality sealants for long term protection to the surface.

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Patio Cleaning

Cheshire Pro Wash Service

Cheshire Pro Wash provide a professional patio cleaning service for Manchester and Cheshire. Our services are available in most of the larger towns such as Oldham, Sale, Altrincham, Warrington, Salford, Chester, Wilmslow, Crewe, Macclesfield and Ellesmere Port.

Most paving slabs used to lay patios are very porous. They may look lovely as a garden feature at first, but it is generally not long before algae and weeds will start to grow between the slabs or on the surface.

Cheshire Pro Wash have invested in the very best patio cleaning equipment to totally transform the look of paved patio areas. All this can be done with minimal inconvenience to our customers. After the patio has been pressure washed and given time to dry off, we would recommend applying a coat of Smartseal paving sealer to give the patio long term protection from the reappearance of surface growth.

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Decking Cleaning

Cheshire Pro Wash Service

Decking is steadily increasing in popularity as homeowners look to reduce the maintenance and upkeep of their gardens. There are many homes across Greater Manchester and Cheshire that have decked patio areas.

The decking often looks impressive at first, but if it is not looked after, it can soon become quite dirty. Eventually, the decking will attract all sorts of surface growth such as algae and moss which can make it very slippery and dangerous in damp or wet conditions.

Cheshire Pro Wash can clean decking in gardens areas plus other wooden furniture items all over Greater Manchester and Cheshire. We cover Sale, Altrincham, Oldham, Wilmslow, Crewe, Stockport, Macclesfield, Ellesmere Port, Congleton and Chester.

Our commercial pressure washing machines are designed to clean the wood without damaging the surface. Powered purely by cold water, the machines will remove virtually all algae, dirt plus any bird 'staining' that may have accumulated on the surface. Once the decking has been jet washed, we would recommend treating the wood with a quality decking oil to give it lasting protection.

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Imprinted Concrete

Cheshire Pro Wash Service

Cheshire Pro Wash have the technical expertise gained through many years of experience, to restore imprinted concrete driveways and patios to look like they have been recently laid.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a very hard wearing surface but still needs to be looked after as it can lose its 'sheen' and colour over time. To keep it looking good it should be cleaned often and re-sealed every 4-5 years. This will protect the surface from ongoing wear and tear.

As there is no sand element involved with Pattern imprinted concrete the jet washing process is generally easier as any live growth tends to sit on the surface. Our pressure cleaning equipment will quickly remove any surface dirt, algae, or weeds that may be present. If the colour has faded we can also 're-tint' the surface.

If laid correctly, the imprinted concrete should have been sealed with 2-3 coats of concrete sealer when it was first installed. We can apply Smartseal high quality paving sealants to the surface of the concrete to keep it protected in the long term.

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Tarmac Repairs

Cheshire Pro Wash Service

We have recently expanded our services to cover the restoration of tarmac surfaces. With the advances made in coating technology for tarmac we can now can restore faded tarmac to look like it has been installed only recently. We will add colour to any faded tarmac surface to make it appear much newer than it really is. This is a very cost effective method given the only other alternative, which is the expensive replacement of the whole surface.

There are many benefits:-

  • Stops any need for expensive tarmac resurfacing
  • Will bring back the true colour of the original tarmac
  • Puts back any lost resin from the surface
  • A quick and simple application process
  • Helps prevent break up of the surface by 'binding' together any loose tarmac chippings

The results of our tarmac restoration process can be amazing and we are now able to totally transform any tarmac driveway.

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Roof Cleaning & Coating

Cheshire Pro Wash Service

Cheshire Pro Wash offer a complete Roof Cleaning and Sealing or Coating service in Cheshire, Manchester, Sale, Macclesfield, Warrington, Stockport, Altrincham, Knutsford and surrounding areas.

Having your roof cleaned and providing protection for the surface so that it stays looking good long into the future is one of the best investments you can make in terms of the overall effect it has on your property.

It gives a 'halo' effect to your whole property, enhancing its appearance to a great extent.

The procedure we follow is usually:

Often, initially, a treatment with Smartseal™ Fungicidal Wash or Smartseal™ Moss Clear is carried out. This will kill off most growths but despite this, it contains biodegradable ingredients and doesn't contain any bleach or acid.

The main cleaning process then begins and consists of cleaning the tiles, usually with a high pressure lance driven by a Honda petrol-engined pressure washer. Once clean and dry we take care off any repairs which may be required, such as replacing or re-seating missing ridge or hip tiles.

Finally, we strongly recommend 2 coats of Smartseal™ Roof Sealer, which is clear or Smartseal™ Roof Coating which is coloured in a choice of 6 shades currently, with more available to order.

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Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services cover:-

  • Retail and business parks
  • Tarmac areas on car parking bays
  • Wooden & Plastic furniture for Pubs and Restaurants
  • Sports Courts ( Tennis, Hockey, Football etc)
  • Stables & Outbuildings
  • Swimming Pool surrounds
  • Garage forecourts
  • Hospitals, Schools, Public buildings etc